Multi Protocol

Safety Ip allows for connections from a wide variety of protocols including OpenVPN, HTTP Proxies, SSH Tunnels, and PPTP.

Friendly Support

With Saftey Ip you don’t have to worry about technical problems. Our technical support team is available any time you need help.

High Performance

We utilizes state of the art high performance servers on gigabit networks for fast, unlimited and anonymous downloads.

Global Tv

Using a VPN you will bypass the geo-restrictions and will you get access to all the Global TV shows. When traveling abroad you and want the ability to stream shows from services like Netflix, using a VPN you will be able to do this.

Privacy On The Go

You can also configure our services to work with your mobile devices allowing for privacy and anonymity, everywhere you go.

World Wide Access

No matter where you live, our servers are at your disposal in more than 45 countries, 24 hours a day.

Kill Switch for your protection

Our servers will disconnect your internet if the VPN for some reason ever disconnects – i.e again to help to make sure no traffic leaks out the normal internet connection

World Wide VPN Servers

It doesn’t matter where you live in the world we have a VPN server location close to you, with a presence in 46 countries and counting. We have you covered! Access all locations and switch servers any time you like!

No Logs Ever!

We take your privacy very seriously. We do not store any logs of the websites you visit, we never will and never have. If required we will move jurisdictions and go above and beyond for you.

Download and upload privately

Music, Videos, Pictures, Documents, emails. It’s important to keep your information secure.

Wifi Security

When you use free WiFi at cafes and airports, you become a target for eavesdroppers, wiretappers and other cyber criminals. Why?

Bypass Internet Censorship

“Many Countries including United Kingom, France, Germany, East Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East/North Africa and many more employ internet censorship or filtering”  Our servers cannot be blocked by DPI

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